What To Wear As The Mother of the Bride

Congratulations, your daughter is getting married! Her wedding day will be one of the most memorable of your life. It’ll remind you of your own special day and give you time to reflect on the woman that your daughter has become. As your daughter celebrates her own happily ever after, you might be wondering what to wear as the mother of the bride. At Especia, we have a few ideas to help you along the day.

Our main piece of advice is that you want to be comfortable. You’ll be up from the crack of dawn until the early hours of the next morning. As the mother of the bride, you’ll spend most of the day running around making sure everything is going according to plan. You’ll be there to help your daughter get ready in the morning and be asked to step in for hundreds of photos throughout the day. You want an outfit that is both comfortable while making you feel like a million dollars.

As part of the bridal party, you’ll want to try and choose a dress that sits well with the bridesmaid dresses. If the wedding has a colour scheme, try to choose something that compliments it. 

When you’re browsing for a mother of the bride dress, don’t feel like you have to be confined to traditional trends. The trends for mother of the bride dress have hardly changed since the ‘80s. Some of them can feel frumpy and make you feel older. Look outside the box and choose a dress that speaks to you, regardless of what it says on the label.

One of our favourite unexpected mother of the bride dresses is the Girasol Midi Dress. Its three-tiers of ruffles make it the perfect dress to dance the night away. The contrasting black fabric makes it easy to accessories and gives it a more elevated feel. We think it would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, and you can wear it again after the big day.


Our Sara Long Dress would be an ideal choice for a beach wedding. The ivory is deep enough that it doesn’t come across as a traditional white dress, and you can opt for it in the light blue colour if you want to stand out in the bridal party. Add a pair of sandals, your favourite pendant and a set of oversized earrings, and you’re ready for your daughter’s big day.


If you want a traditional look with a modern twist, consider our Elisa Midi Dress. This wrap dress has a statement belt that you can tie in a bow, with oversized sleeves and a relaxed collar. With its midi length, you can style this dress with everything from a pair of sandals through to a pair of platform heels. If you’re looking for versatility, then this dress is a perfect choice.

For the mother of the bride that wants a maxi dress, our Teruel Long Dress brings together functionality and femininity. You can layer it with a shawl during the ceremony or if it gets chilly. The ruffles will dance around you during the day, making this dress a great choice for garden weddings.

When it comes to deciding your mother of the bride dress, you want to keep two things in mind. It’s your daughter’s special day, and you’ll be on hand to help her get through it. You want a dress that you’ll be comfortable in so that you can deal with whatever the day throws at you. As well as being comfortable, you’ll want to look your best. The photos from the wedding will become a family heirloom and something that is meant to spark day.

Above all else, don’t let your outfit choice stress out and prevent you from enjoying the wedding. After all, it’s not every day that your daughter gets married!


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  • Victoria

    This summer 2021 I went to my son’s marriage, which was on a super beautiful beach in the Caribbean. I wore an Especia dress and I felt like the second most beautiful woman on the party ….. obviously # 1 is the bride. :)

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