The best practices to take care of our pieces

The Best Practices To Take Care Of Especia Clothing


You've purchased your first Especia piece? Congratulations! If you properly care for your new garment, it can last you for seasons on end. The Especia collection is created using materials such as national fibers and satin, with detailing such as embroidery and eyelet lace. We recommend hand washing our clothes, but some fabrics can be machine washed in certain settings. Always check the care label inside the garment for the best care instructions for that particular item. To help you, we’ve put together a short guide on the best practices to take care of Especia clothing.


Cotton Clothing

As cotton is a strong and absorbent material, its suitable for machine-washing and tumble-drying. Wash the clothing at the recommended water temperature on the label and add a fabric softener to reduce wrinkles and keep your garment soft to the touch. Cotton garments can be ironed once dried to keep them looking crisp and fresh.

Satin Clothing

One of the smoothest fabrics, satin requires a little more tender loving care to keep it in top condition. Clothing garments with satin should be hand washed or put on the delicate cycle in your washing machine using cold water and a specialist detergent. If you are hand-washing your satin, it’s important to not twist the garment as this could result in it losing its shape. Satin items should be air-dried and ironed inside-out and on a light setting without any steam. Satin clothing can be dry cleaned, and we recommend regular dry-cleaning for special occasion pieces.

Embroidered Clothing

When caring for clothing with embroidery, the garment must be washed with a mild detergent and without any other cleaning agents. The washing machine should be set to delicate and use cold water. It’s important not to leave the garment soaking in the water after the cycle, and it should be placed directly into the dryer on a normal setting. When ironing, these garments should be placed inside out and ironed with a piece of cloth between the iron and garment.

Eyelet Lace Clothing

Eyelet fabric is a type of lace with little eye-like holes throughout it. This delicate material requires a little extra care and should be machine washed with cotton clothing in similar colours on a regular wash cycle. For garments with larger eyelet sections, you can consider hand washing so that the eyelet fabric keeps its brightness and shape. 

General Care

For all your garments, there are a few general tips that will keep them looking fresh for years. Avoid storing your clothes in plastic dry-cleaning bags as these can trap moisture and cause discolouration, and instead invest in high-quality wooden or fabric hangers for your clothes. Fabric hangers can help maximise space while also stopping your clothes from slipping or falling in your closet. Keep moths away from your clothing by placing cedar balls and lavender sachets into your closet. If you’re a frequent traveller, invest in a portable hand-steamer that can be easily packed and used to keep your clothes looking fresh wherever life might take you.


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