How to Take Fashionable Pictures

Hardly anything beats that feeling of wearing your favorite outfit. You're on top of the world, and no matter what comes your way, nobody can ruin your mood! Taking fashionable pictures is all about capturing that extraordinary moment and making it last forever. 

Now, unless you're a professional fashion photographer or a full-time influencer, who literally takes pictures in stylish outfits for a living, everyone could use a tip or two on how to take fashionable pictures, so we did some research and came up with a series of easy pointers. Whether you're looking to up your grid game, create everlasting memories of a special occasion, help your friends take fabulous photographs, or you're just feeling in the mood to spend some time striking your best pose, we've got you covered! Read on and get ready to channel your inner model. And remember, the camera loves you! 

Tip #1 - Have some fun with a little moodboarding.  

We know this might sound a bit extra, but one of the most important tips when taking stylish photos is taking the time to curate a selection of images that inspire you. Creating a moodboard is a great way to collect some of your favorite photos and have a handy reference the next time you're taking your own. If this sounds like a hassle, don't worry, it doesn't have to be! For instance, using Pinterest is one easy way to put together a simple, stylish photo moodboard. Another option is saving cool photos you come across on your daily social media scrolls (you can do this by using the save button on Instagram). If you're a fan of analog content, earmark your favorite fashion photography looks in magazines or catalogs and consider using them for inspiration in the future. Pro tip: creating moodboards is not about finding images to replicate. Instead, it's about curating interesting visuals, and finding ways to make them your own! 

Tip #2 - It's all about the lighting. 

The difference between a bad photo and a fantastic photo usually comes down to lighting. So when taking fashionable pictures, lighting is something you want to prioritize. How? It's not as hard as it seems. Generally speaking, standing against the light is not the best idea. When choosing the right lighting, you'll want to find some balance. You don't want harsh lighting, and you don't want your photographs to be dim. Natural light is preferable. Be mindful of very hot days and remember to choose a weather-appropriate outfit. If you can take pictures between 9 am and 4 pm, you'll usually have good lighting, though make sure it's not overly harsh. Golden hour (that extraordinary moment right after the sun rises and right before the sun sets) is also a unique time during the day to bring a bit of glimmer to your stylish photos. If you're taking pictures and natural sunlight is not an option, try not to stand directly under artificial lights. And if you're open to a bit of an upgrade, consider getting a ring light, a terrific solution to get that ideal soft light that will translate into spectacular photographs! 

Tip #3 - Spend a few extra minutes in the mirror. 

When you've already gone through all the work of putting together the ultimate outfit (or outfitS, if you really love styling versatile clothing) you want to make sure you're showcasing it in the best way possible. Here, attention to detail is key! Polishing your look can mean: double-checking for unnecessary wrinkles on your clothes, touching up your hairstyle, checking to see if your shirt is tucked in or out correctly and that those ruffled details of your favorite skirt are flawless, not creased (so that they're getting the attention they deserve!). We're not saying you need to obsess over your outfit to take an amazing photo. In fact, don't worry about perfection. Authenticity is always awesome! Instead, just spend a few extra seconds in the mirror making sure your stylish look is truly camera ready. 

Tip #4 - Location, location, location.

You've probably heard this famous phrase that refers to the value of real estate and how it fluctuates according to different locations! Well, believe it or not, the same rule applies to great fashion photography. When you take a fabulous picture, you don't just have to think about putting together an impressive outfit. You also have to select a unique and appropriate location, mainly because where you take your picture will determine the background, which can make or break a great photo. Here are a few useful examples: if you're wearing a lovely floral pattern, try choosing a background that won't take away too much attention from your outfit. And if you're wearing a chick black and white ensemble, consider posing against a colorful background instead. Pro tip: white outfits tend to look fantastic against lush tropical settings! 

Tip #5 - Posing 101 

The biggest question when thinking about how to take fashionable pictures is definitely how to pose. There are so many possible poses and not all of them are right for everyone. When choosing the right pose, you want to land on something that helps you channel the way you're feeling or want to feel. Let's break this down real quick. 

One important element of posing that's usually ignored is what to do with your face. Here are three simple rules to consider: Number one, soften your expressions. Number two, smile with your eyes! Number three, always choose a half-smile over an over-the-top lip pout (also known as a duck face), and if you're going for a more casual mood, don't look directly at the camera. 

When it comes to body language, good posture transmits power and confidence, make sure you're standing up straight (naturally), and you'll be halfway there. Don't be afraid of movement! Some of the best photos are taken when you've incorporated a bit of movement into the shot. Also, try leaning against the wall or a cool piece of furniture for a laid-back vibe. And if you want to look more elongated, try standing on your tip-toes. If you're unsure about what to do with your hands, try playing with your hair, loosely touching your outfit, or putting them in your pockets. 

Tip #6 - You can't go wrong with a chic candid. 

As much as we love the perfect pose and a well-thought-out picture, there's a special place in our hearts for candid photos. Candids are one of the best ways to capture authentic happiness or spontaneity, and when taking fashionable pictures, they're always a terrific option. Of course, candids are a bit harder when you're taking your own photograph, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Using tools like a self-timer and a photo burst effect, set up the camera and (try) to forget it's there! Think about something that makes you smile, go about your day for a few minutes, or put on your favorite song and softly dance while the camera does its thing. Trust us, you'll have a bunch of candids to choose from in no time! The ability to take chic candids is also the reason all your friends will consider you the best photographer in the group (you're welcome!). When taking candid photos, try being discreet, snap a photo when no one is looking, and stay away from the flash to avoid being discovered. 

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