How to Choose a Wedding Guest Dress According to Different Seasons

Weddings are one of our all-time favorite events. They bring the excitement of celebrating romance with the people we love. Then there's the delicious food, the impossibly fun dancing, and awe-inspiring decor. Weddings are a unique moment to create lasting memories with family and friends. However, for all the joy that comes with wedding invitations, we know choosing what to wear to these major events can sometimes be a bit overwhelming (especially when you receive multiple invitations at a time!).


So many elements need to be taken into account! There are etiquette guidelines, weather issues, and venue matters, just to name a few. We know that the looming question of what on earth to wear can take up weeks to answer! But we believe choosing a wedding outfit should be an opportunity for creativity and joy —never a reason to worry. 


With this in mind, we put together a comprehensive guide on how to choose a wedding guest dress according to different seasons. We thought of everything from weather possibilities, different venues, and appropriate colors, to various motifs, diverse silhouettes, fabulous fabrics, and flawless accessories. Trust us, after reading this guide, you'll want to bookmark it and share it with all your friends! And hopefully, the next time you get a wedding invitation, choosing what to wear will be fun and absolutely stress-free! 



Let’s start with what is probably the easiest season to choose a wedding outfit, spring! It's that lovely time of the year when the weather is ideal. The air is as fresh as ever. There's still a pleasant cool breeze, but the sun is shining, and sweet flowers are blooming all around. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate love!  

  • Colors: thanks to the sunny weather and bloom-filled backdrops, spring is an excellent season to choose pastel colors that allude to soft romanticism. It's also a great moment to rock hues of pink and purple if you're looking for a more feminine vibe, and luminous yellows are always a good idea! 
  • Patterns: we know florals for spring aren't exactly groundbreaking, but frankly, we can’t think of a better time to go all out on floral motifs! Opt for traditional patterns that incorporate classics such as roses or peonies in monochrome tones, or perhaps go for a more edgy vibe with multi-colored florals in numerous shapes and sizes. Either way, you can't go wrong. 
  • Dress lengths and silhouettes: the good thing about spring is that there's room to play with endless possibilities. Dresses in all lengths and forms are welcome this season! Midi pieces work wonderfully, especially for more casual affairs, while flowy maxi dresses are fabulous too. Spring is also a superb time to show off some skin (think: stylish strapless pieces or chic backless gowns). 
  • Fabrics: when it comes to choosing the right material, spring is a time to favor lightweight, breathable fabrics. We're talking flowy cotton and luxurious linens. Though in the case of more formal affairs, you might want to choose textiles with a bit more elegance, such as charmeuse or viscose. 
  • Accessory tips: if you're opting for softer tones such as pastels, don't be afraid to add some pizazz with vibrant accessories, like statement earrings or colorful shoes. And if you're going for a show stopping print, subtle accessories are a fabulous way to bring balance to your overall look. (Though, honestly, we also love a more is more vibe). The key is to just have fun with it! 



Summer is the season of sun and fun. It's the time to bask under cloudless blue skies and enjoy extra-long days and warm tropical nights. It's also a wonderful moment for destination weddings that bring loved ones together in some of the most magical venues around the world. May we dare say it's the most awaited season of the year?  

  • Colors: with the sun shining brighter than ever, summer is a time for bright, vivid colors. Picture cheerful oranges that mirror sunny hues and striking blues reminiscent of seaside shades. Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to stand out. 
  • Patterns: continuing with the theme of pure joy, this is the season to break out the liveliest of patterns. Tropical motifs work exceptionally well this time of the year. 
  • Dress lengths and silhouettes: if there's ever a time to show off a flawless tan, it's the summer. Dress code permitting, rock a mini dress or stay cool with spaghetti straps, crisscrossed backs, or stylish skirt-crop top ensembles. In any case, let your dewy skin glisten under the gorgeous sun.  
  • Fabrics: this is the time to prioritize lightweight, breathable fabrics. Blends including linen or cotton are great options, though viscose and poly blends are also terrific choices to dance the night away in style. 
  • Accessory tips: classic nude sandals are definitely a go-to summer shoe if you're choosing a dazzling dress, but if, perhaps, you'll be at a coastal destination, consider wearing a pair of chic espadrilles to match that seaside vibe. Stilettos aren't the best choice if you plan to be walking on sand, always think about location when deciding on the best pair of shoes! 



Fall is such a romantic season, don't you think? As the temperatures begin to wind down, it's a magical time for outdoor events that combine lovely breezy weather and dreamy lighting with incomparable scenery. As nature changes color showing off enchanting hues, it's also a great moment to incorporate changes into our wardrobe and experiment with fashion-forward styles.  

  • Colors: take note of mother nature's shades and go for styles in colors such as olives, hazels, and terracottas. If you're feeling daring, opt for jewel tones such as emerald greens or sapphire blues! And, of course, stylish black dresses are sophisticated and timeless. 
  • Patterns: boho motifs are one of our go-to options when it comes to fall weddings, though floral prints in earthy hues work quite well during this time of the year. Dresses with beautifully embroidered patterns are also a fabulous way to stand out! 
  • Dress lengths and silhouettes: with chillier weather being the norm during fall, you'll most likely want to stick to floor-length gowns this season. Though there's still room to have fun! Think plunging necklines to show off statement jewels or high necklines that'll instantly bring elegance to your look. 
  • Fabrics: depending on the silhouette, there are endless fabric alternatives to choose from during the fall. If you're going with a long-sleeve look, try delicate fabrics with a light sheer that provide a bit of romance, and if you feel like showing off some skin, stay warm by choosing sturdier fabrics. 
  • Accessory tips: bring elegance to your look by favoring stilettos in glitzy bronze or gold and a matching handbag! If the soiree is meant to last into the wee hours of the night, consider block heels to prioritize style without sacrificing comfort. 



Whoever said you can't wear dresses during winter was seriously lacking imagination. This underrated season is an excellent time to get creative with layering and accessories! It's, without a doubt, the most elegant season of all and a one-of-a-kind moment to put together showstopping looks. If you like glitz and glam, winter is your time to shine! 

  • Colors: choosing the right color is a great way to make an outfit winter-appropriate. Black is the epitome of elegance. Though you can also decide on dark hues like navy or burgundy. If you're feeling festive, make a statement by wearing silver, gold, or even brighter hues like magenta or crimson red. 
  • Patterns: don't be afraid to lean towards statement patterns in rich hues during winter. Animal print can also be a cool and unexpected way to have some fun during this festive season.
  • Silhouettes: staying warm is definitely something to consider when choosing an ideal silhouette for winter weddings, so long sleeve or high-neck dresses work exceptionally well. Though remember layering is always a possibility and paired with the right jacket a floor-length strapless gown could work just as well! 
  • Fabrics: this is a season for festive fabrics such as velvet or silk. And honestly, we can't think of a more suitable season for sequined materials. Remember, 'tis the season to shine! 
  • Accessories: choose shoes that work well with the venue. Closed-toe options are the most weather appropriate, though if the dress code allows, a dress paired with fabulous boots will certainly make some heads turn. As for jewelry, this is also the perfect season to wear your shiniest pieces (think: precious diamond earrings or shiny silver bangles). Finally, remember to choose a showstopping coat, blazer, or shawl to top off your look! 


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