Why Print Dresses are a Timeless Fashion Trend


Is there anything more timeless than a print dress? They’re one piece that every woman has in her closet. Every major fashion brand has a go-to collection of print dresses, and Especia is no exception. 

The truth is print dresses have a special place in our hearts. They’re a favorite of the Especia team and you’ll almost always find us wearing one at the office or on special occasions. Below, we're looking at the reasons why print dresses are so popular, how to style them, and when you should wear them. Spoiler alert: we would wear them 365 days a year if we could!

The popularity of print dresses

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and realized all of your friends are wearing something similar? Chances are, it’s another print dress that has gone viral. The most popular print dresses are those with loose silhouettes that are universally flattering for every body shape. Inclusivity is part of the appeal! Whatever your body type or shape is, a print will always beautifully accentuate your natural curves.

Print dresses come in every shape and size, with midi dresses being amongst the most popular. At Especia, print dresses are at the heart of our collections. In fact, these dresses are one of the biggest niches within the fashion industry. In 2020, the global market for dresses hit $62 billion and is expected to hit $67 billion this year. That’s a lot of print dresses.

In Selfridges —one of London’s premium department stores— they saw dress sales jump by 37% in 2020. If you’re wanting to update your look and invest in your closet, print dresses are a must-have. And it’s not just floral prints that are popular, bold prints in general are favored by many. 

How to style print dresses

The beauty of print dresses is that they work with everything. Whatever your style is, you can rock a print dress. You can wear them with everything from hoodies to knitwear and designer belts. Print dresses can be sported on their own or layered with other pieces as a transitional staple of your closet. Some might think print dresses are merely a summer essential, but, with the right styling tricks, you can wear your favorite dresses year round.

If you’re someone who puts comfort first, grab your favorite knitwear piece and layer up. Oversized knitted cardigans are the perfect match for a print dress and can provide a neutral base to make the print pop. 

You can let the print dress speak for itself with minimal accessories. You can add dainty jewelry for a feminine twist, whether it’s stackable gold bracelets or a small gold pendant. One way of elevating a simplistic look, is to match your shoes to one of the colors in the print, creating a chic somewhat monochromatic look.

Speaking of shoes, sneakers are our go-to for casual days. You can buy any style of print dress and make it more laidback with sneakers. Trust us, your feet will thank you!  

Print dresses are effortlessly chic and require next to no styling. They work for every occasion, and you can change up your look by swapping out your accessories.


When to wear print dresses

Thanks to social media, everyday fashion is more elevated than ever. Dresses are no longer just reserved for weddings and special occasions. Life is too short to wait for a big event to bring out your favorite dress. What we love about print dresses is that they work for every occasion. Are you running to Starbucks to grab your morning coffee? Grab a print dress and throw on some white sneakers. Heading to your best friend’s wedding? Make a statement in a print dress and designer heels. There’s never an occasion where you can’t wear print dresses.

 If you’re jetting off on holiday, print dresses should be on the top of your packing list. They can take you from a day sightseeing in the city to al fresco dining and a trip to the theatre. You don’t have to worry about styling or accessories. Print dresses are proof that less is more!

 The secret to wearing them is finding the right fit for your body type. We often get caught up by the print of the dress, but the fit is just as important. You want a dress that is comfortable yet flattering, just like all of our Especia dresses. May we suggest our gorgeous Ari dress, or the fabulous Francesca dress


What do you love about print dresses? Are they a closet staple for you? We’d love to hear about your favorite ways to style print dresses and whether you’re a fan of short, midi, or maxi dresses.


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