What is Boho Style? | Your Guide to Bohemian Fashion

When we think of boho style, we instantly picture fashion trends of the seventies, and though it’s often synonymous with the hippie movement, bohemian fashion captures the essence of a free-spirited lifestyle. The aesthetic is all about natural fabrics and intricate color palettes. In short, boho is more than just a fashion trend. It’s a way of life.

Bohemian fashion dates back to the French bohemians of the 19th century, re-emerging in the 1970s as the world took a more relaxed approach to clothing. What we love about bohemian fashion is that it's effortlessly chic. It’s all about mixing and matching your favorite pieces to create outfits that tell the world who you are.

At Especia, bohemian fashion is at the heart of what we do. Our clothes are designed to be lived in and become a part of your story. Our skirts have a distinctly bohemian aesthetic, while our floral dresses encapsulate the effortless glamour of this style.

Where does boho style come from?

Bohemian fashion has always been an alternative aesthetic. It evolved from an exotic style to the trends we know and love today. It first appeared in the 19th century in Europe, characterized by flowy silhouettes, oriental prints, and bright fabrics. You can still spot these early trends in today’s bohemian fashion —a sign of just how timeless they are.

Thanks to the work of Paul Poiret and William Morris, bohemian fashion entered the mainstream in the 20th century. The boho-chic styles that we know and love today come primarily from the 1960s when the aesthetic linked up with the hippie movement. It was during this era that we started to see voluminous sleeves, intricate embroidery, fringe detailing, and flared silhouettes.

Where to look for boho style outfit inspiration

Are you thinking of experimenting with bohemian fashion? Like every fashion aesthetic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you start. The beauty of boho is that there is no shortage of style muses. Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer were the undisputed queens of boho fashion in the ‘60s and ‘70s. But don’t worry! There are plenty of contemporary fashion muses to look to as well.

In the late 2000s, bohemian fashion became the go-to choice for celebrities around the world. Twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were devotees of bohemian fashion long before transitioning to more modest looks. Vanessa Hudgens is another actress from the era who was frequently spotted wearing maxi dresses and gladiator sandals.

When you’re thinking about boho chic outfits, imagine what you would wear to a music festival like Coachella. This event is considered the ultimate bohemian getaway. Take a look at Pinterest to see the awe-inspiring outfits festival-goers have worn over the years.

Other celebrities that you can look to for inspiration include Nicole Ritchie and Rachel Zoe. They are still rocking the boho look and are especially famous for taking elevated basics and giving them a bohemian twist.

How to create a boho style closet

By now, you’re probably head over heels with the bohemian aesthetic. Building a boho closet is easier than you think. It’s all about incorporating bright colors, intricate prints, and different textures into your closet. All you need are a few versatile pieces to start. 

For decades, bohemian fashion was all about neutral color palettes. In recent years, pastel hues have found their way into the style aesthetic. What’s worth remembering is that there are no rules for boho fashion. It’s all about embracing your personality and making the trends your own.

We’re sharing a few of the must-have pieces to get started with the boho style. They’ll help you create a capsule closet or incorporate a bohemian twist into your everyday wardrobe.

Oversized tops

Want to know the secret to boho style? It’s all in the silhouette of your clothes. Some of the most popular bohemian pieces are oversized tops that incorporate bell sleeves or quirky twists like tassels or pom-poms. You can customize your look with a v-neckline or a more contemporary off-the-shoulder style. Loose-fitting tops are amongst the most versatile bohemian garments. They work with everything from jeans to maxi dresses. Don't know where to start? Our lovely Margareth Top is the perfect point of departure. 

Boho-chic dresses

When in doubt, wear a dress. The romanticism of modern bohemian fashion is encapsulated in floral dresses and whimsical silhouettes. Boho-chic dresses typically have a relaxed fit to give you a comfortable style that you can wear all day. Prairie-inspired dresses usually have half or three-quarter length sleeves for a feminine feel. Take a look at our stunning Wallis Black Dress to see what we mean. 

Grab a textured jacket

Do you want to experiment with boho fashion without breaking the bank? Outerwear is an easy way to try out the style before committing to it full-time. Stay on the lookout for distressed denim jackets and sheepskin coats that add contrasting textures to your outfits. Boho outerwear is always oversized with a comfortable, relaxed fit. You could try our Flora Jacket, the ideal complement to elevate any outfit. 


Leather footwear

Leather is one of the most popular materials for bohemian fashion, and when it comes to footwear, you want to invest in leather. Get suede ankle boots for when the temperatures drop and stick to stylish leather sandals during the summer.

Are you wearing Especia to create a boho outfit? Make sure to tag us at @especiaofficial and caption your photos with the hashtag #EspeciaMuse to share your boho-chic style with our community!

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