Trend Alert: Bohemian Style is Back

At Especia, the bohemian style has a special place in our heart. In fact, we think of it as a way of life. Each of our pieces has a touch of bohemian romanticism that makes them unique. We couldn’t be happier that the bohemian aesthetic is back of the forefront of fashion trends. One of our favourite pieces is the bohemian short dress, which is a staple in our closets. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about bohemian style and how you can add it to your wardrobe with an Especia piece.

The bohemian aesthetic is back in vogue as fashion looks to the past for inspiration. Bohemian – or ‘boho’ – fashion began in the 1970s and became synonymous with the carefree, ‘hippie’ lifestyle. The word ‘bohemian’ reflects more than just the fashion of the time, but the cultural movement of the 1970s. The aesthetic focuses on effortless fashion with relaxed looks and loose-fitting clothing that is universally flattering. Bohemian fashion is versatile, with a rejection of the need for ‘formal’ attire in favour of casual clothing that can take us anywhere in life.

While we often associate bohemian style with the 1970s, it actually began just after the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century, when free-spirited and unconventional styles first came into vogue. Bohemian fashion was first defined by its rejection of mainstream trends in favour of a laid-back and comfortable look.

Today, you’ll see bohemian fashion all around you. In fact, it’s become so popular that it has become mainstream itself. Bohemian fashion is easy to spot, with its flare silhouettes, mixed prints and elegant embroidery. You probably already have several bohemian pieces sitting in your closet, even if you didn’t know it!

Each piece of Especia clothing is inspired by the bohemian style of living. We want you to feel like you can take on the world in our clothing. You should feel free and liberated to go out and follow your dreams. We believe the power of clothing to change our outlook on life. Every Especia design has a piece of bohemian styling, whether it’s with eyelet lace or layered ruffles.

In every Especia collection, we have at least one short bohemian dress, that encapsulates our love of freedom and wanderlust. You’ll see floral prints and contrasting textiles across our collections, as we take our inspiration from the word around us and translate it into our handprinted fabrics. These intricate fabrics have become our signature and are as unique as the women who wear them.

If you’re thinking of experimenting in the world of bohemian fashion, we think that our dresses are the perfect place to start. The key to finding the perfect bohemian dress is to look for a mixture of patterns, which is why you’ll often see our dresses having contrasting fabric detailing. Loose fits and relaxed cuts, especially midi length dresses, are the building blocks for creating a capsule bohemian closet.

The bohemian lifestyle is the inspiration behind the Especia brand. Each collection encapsulates a part of the bohemian aesthetic and makes it versatile and wearable for every day. If you’re starting on your journey with bohemian fashion, then our dresses are the perfect place to start.

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