The Modern Wedding Dress

If you have ever fallen down a Pinterest rabbit hole, then you know that weddings down come in every shape and size. Weddings are no longer just a big white dress and a church ceremony followed by the hotel reception. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your love for each other with a day that reflects what is important to your life. Whether you are planning to get married in a fairytale castle, on a tropical beach or in a stunning natural park, you can get adventurous with your wedding dresses.



The white wedding dress trend began in 1840 after Queen Victoria wore one of the most iconic dresses of all time, lace trim and a matching veil. In recent years, brides have chosen to reject this tradition and instead chose a dress that better represents them as a person. Unconventional wedding dresses are a favourite amongst celebrities, who often opt for unique dresses for their small and low-key wedding ceremonies. A bonus is that non-traditional dresses are often at a much more affordable price point than ‘normal’ wedding dresses that can set you back thousands of dollars.

As our ideas of weddings and marriage change, so too has the pomp and pageantry surrounding weddings. If you are someone who loves floral print and wears it every day, why shouldn’t you wear it on the most important day of your life? Our Indira and Mistica printed dresses allow you to embrace your love of florals and nature and lets you incorporate them into your big day.

Are shoes the real love of your life? A midi dress is an ideal option to let you embrace your femininity, while also showing off a killer pair of shoes. Cinderella dresses come in every shape and size, and our ESPECIA dresses can give you the bohemian romanticism that traditional wedding dresses don’t. We can picture our Mistica long dress as the perfect wedding dress for an intimate ceremony surrounded by the beauty of nature. This style lets you keep in step with the white colour while reimagining a wedding dress with its delicate buttons and layered ruffles on the sleeves and skirt. Midi dresses are also the ideal choice if you are having a small formal ceremony at a courthouse or registry office, giving you the option to pick a dress that matches the semi-casual nature of your wedding. This dress would be perfect for taking you from a small ceremony through to a meal at your favourite restaurant or drinks at an upmarket bar. 



If you are an environmentally conscious shopper, then these modern wedding dresses offer you the chance to buy a dress that you can wear again, and that won't be boxed away into your attic. Your non-traditional dress will a conversation starter among your guests and will give your wedding photos a unique twist. You can even re-wear the dress on your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary. Our Sara dress looks as though it was made for a beach wedding, and it would be a must-have to take with you on a tropical honeymoon. 

What is important is finding a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars, and that reflects your personality and aesthetic. You shouldn’t feel confined by a tradition that dates from 1840. We make our own traditions now. 

Any of our dresses would suit a modern bohemian bride, and if you need any help choosing the right one for you, then we would love to help you!


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