Like mother, like daughter - The cutest 'Mom & Daughter' looks.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Every little girl wants to be like their mother when they grow up. They walk around in their mother’s high heels and rummage through her makeup in search of a lipgloss or a blush that they can borrow to feel like an ‘actual’ grownup. At Especia, we’ve created a special collection to let every little girl dress like their mother for the day. We believe fashion can be a bonding experience for mothers and daughters, and that you’re never too old to still play dress up. 

The phrase ‘like mother like daughter’ describes the traits that every mother hands down to their daughter, and we believe that should include fashion. Our mommy and me collection includes girls dresses, skirts, jackets and t-shirts that allows mother and daughters to match perfectly. These matching outfits are perfect for special occasions, family photographs and vacations. Mommy and me fashion has been in vogue for generations, and our social media feeds are constantly full of photos of mothers and daughters in their favourite matching outfits. 

A major advocate for the trend is Kylie Jenner, who is photographed on an almost weekly basis wearing matching outfits with her daughter Stormi. The mother and daughter duo have matched in everything from their Halloween pyjamas through to coordinated custom emerald green silk gowns for the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas party. The iconic duo has shown how you can take part in the trend in low-key ways such as wearing one monochrome colour or go fully in with matching head-to-toe outfits. The mommy and me style of girls clothing is now dominating the fashion industry thanks to celebrities like Kylie and Stormi. 

The popularity of the mother and daughter matching looks originated with the iconic French designer, Jeanne Lanvin in 1908 when she created a collection of dresses inspired by her daughter, Marguerite. Ever since then, fashion brands across the spectrum have created ‘mini-me’ clothing allowing mothers and daughter to play dress-up together. What began as a high-fashion luxury has changed along with society and the views of women, today the trend has been embraced by contemporary fashion to create everyday appropriate cute clothes for girls. Mom and me clothing can be as simple and fuss-free as you want it to be.

Styling Mother and Daughter Outfits.

When styling your ‘mini-me’ looks, there are easy ways to incorporate your looks together and to make them age-appropriate for your daughter. We believe there’s an opportunity to show off your duo’s style wherever you go, and we’re inspired by the photos of Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia together on the tennis courts in matching kits. Wearing matching clothes is a bonding experience that can bring mothers and daughters together at special moments in time. 


If you want to start your mother-daughter twinning in a budget-friendly way, start by incorporating matching accessories. Headbands are a trending accessory that suits both mothers and daughters, and it’s a staple piece that Khloé Kardashian uses to twin with her daughter True. Starting with a basic piece of clothing allows the freedom to create both mother and daughter appropriate outfits, with a pencil skirt for the mother and a fun pair of jeggings for a kids outfit. 

Skirts are another simple way to integrate the mother and daughter matching look into your wardrobe. The #mommyandme hashtag on Instagram has over five million photos to give you endless ideas for your mommy and me outfits from mothers and daughters all over the world, with something to match everyone’s style. With all these ideas for the perfect outfit for girls, we think it would be easy to include grandma in the fun. 

Mother and daughter matching outfits are no longer the pinafores and homemade dresses from the 1930s but have adapted and changed with the times. As the focus shifts from power dressing to comfort-focused fashion, the ‘mini-me’ trend has had its resurgence. Today, mother and daughter fashion doesn’t mean wearing the same outfits from head to toe. Instead, the trend has adapted to mother-daughter outfits inspired by each other and incorporating the same aesthetic into the two looks. The trend is no longer founded on handmade clothing and has become mainstream thanks to the age of social media and the trend’s celebrity endorsements.

It’s more than just fashion.

We believe mother and daughter fashion is more than just about clothes and is an important way to build one of the most important relationships in life. Daughters love to go shopping with their mother, but this can sometimes be a stressful experience or something that is saved for once in a blue moon. Taking the time to look at clothes together, and picking something out that you can both can wear as a special outfit can help build communication, as well as giving your daughter a taste of the ‘grown-up’ world. Make the experience something special by making a day of it, and spending some one-on-one time with your daughter.

Life is crazy, and fashion gives us a chance to slow down and focus on the little things in life. It’s a way to savour little moments in time and create a bond that will last a lifetime. Taking time out of your day to choose an outfit with your daughter, and to even match your outfit with hers, will make her day a little more special. Many of us take our style from our mother’s, and they are our first role models in life. As women, we know the power that a new piece of clothing has to brighten our outlook on life, and we think this is something we should pass onto our daughters. 

‘Mini-me’ outfits are more than just something for your annual holiday photo or a special occasion. The matching outfits can be used to add a spark a little joy into your day, and to give you and your daughter something to pick out together every morning. Fashion has the power to bring people together, to make them forget whatever else is happening in the world for minutes and to focus on something simple and wholesome. We all know the joy of buying a new dress with pockets and showing it off to our friends and family. That joy is all the sweeter for a little girl who can say they’re dressed just like their mother. Mommy and me dresses are a bonding experience as much as they are a fashion statement. 

What can start as a childhood habit of shopping together and choosing clothes together, whether they match or not, can create a lifelong tradition. Mothers and daughters help each other chose outfits for the most important days in their lives; birthdays, graduations, weddings and everything in between. We think this tradition should follow mothers and daughters through their whole lives, from the very first days through the most important of their lives. 

The twinning trend has expanded beyond the realms of just mother and daughter outfits, to include matching looks for couples, friends and even owners and their dogs. We think that the mother and daughter looks are the sweetest in the ‘twinning’ trend, offering nostalgia for the mother and a chance for her daughter to real play dress up in her mother’s closet. 

At Especia, we want to allow every mother and daughter to bond over fashion. Our collection of cute outfits for girls is inspired by that maternal bond. We want them to learn the simple joy of wearing matching dresses, and feeling like they can play dress up in their mother’s closet. Fashion can build bridges between generations, and we even think it would be a fun way to get grandma involved in the trend with versatile pieces like t-shirts. You can view the Especia little girls collection here, and we think they are the perfect piece to buy your little girl this holiday season or as a birthday gift. 

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