How to Style Floral Dresses

There are too many myths out there about what’s appropriate when it comes to wearing floral dresses. Some think they’re only allowed to wear floral dresses during the spring. Others believe that florals should only be worn by very girly girls and that they can’t really be pulled off by those who prefer edgier styles. News flash! Floral dresses are not seasonal garments, they can be styled in endless ways, they look good on virtually anyone, and with a little bit of creativity, you can wear them any time of the year. Not convinced? Continue reading to get the scoop on how to successfully style these stunning garments in many different ways. 

  1. For the romantic type. Let’s start with a no-brainer. Styling dresses for women to achieve a romantic look is one of the simplest ways to wear floral prints. First, you want to focus on the type of floral print you’re wearing. Favor motifs that give off a timeless, fairy-tale vibe and silhouettes that do the same. Maxi dresses with ruffles or lovely halter-neck pieces are a perfect fit here. Choosing the right color palette is also important. You can focus on soft hues such as pale pinks or dreamy lilacs, although deep reds and violets are also beautiful and utterly romantic colors. 

  1. For the risk taker. You don’t have to love a romantic vibe to wear floral print dresses. In fact, if you’re more of a risk taker when it comes to getting dressed, opting for florals can be a perfect way to create a unique look. It’s all about thinking outside of the box. For starters, choose bold prints and silhouettes. Favor bright colors or striking black and white pieces. Once you’ve landed on the right color palette and motif, think about cool accessories. For instance, try pairing floral dresses with a chic leather jacket, or bring an edge to the look by layering some chunky gold accessories. Opting for unexpected shoes is also a great way to take risks with florals. Try some thigh-high boots with a black and white mini floral dress, or throw on a pair of cowboy boots with a colorful midi floral dress. The options are endless!

  1. For the girly girl. We know women who love ultra-feminine looks already favor floral dresses quite often, but this doesn’t mean that your girly floral outfits have to be boring or predictable. When you’re looking to land on a more feminine look, you can opt for charming colors such as pink and purple hues, but don’t forget that hues like baby blue or a summery yellow can look very girly too. Another way to achieve a girlier look with floral dresses is by prioritizing silhouettes that accentuate your body’s natural curves. Also, mini intricate flowers are very girly prints that look fabulous with a pair of sandals if you plan to walk all day or a stylish pair of comfortable heels if you plan to dance the night away. 

  1. For the fancy type. Speaking of dancing the night away, floral dresses are a fantastic option when you’re looking to create an elegant look. As we’ve said before, it’s all about choosing the right type of floral dress for the occasion. If you’re looking to create an outfit for an elegant soiree, stick with maxi or midi formal dresses, ideally paired with your favorite nude or jet-black heels. Opt for floral prints in rich hues such as navy or emerald green, or anything against a black backdrop. If you’re looking for a floral ensemble for a fancy day gathering by the beach perhaps, you should opt for sunnier hues such as rosy pinks and creamy whites. 

  1. For adventurous gals. If you’re the adventurous type and think you could never wear floral outfits on a fast-paced day, think again. Floral dresses are a wonderful way to bring some fun to an otherwise dull closet. Floral mini and midi casual dresses paired with sneakers are bound to become your go-to outfit, although maxi dresses paired with comfortable shoes can also look and feel fantastic. Choose whatever floral dress/sneaker combo feels best to you, throw on your trusty jean jacket and your favorite tote bag, and you’ll look Instagram-ready for any adventure-filled scenario in no time. 

  1. For boho style lovers. If boho-chic is your go-to style, there is no limit to the number of floral dresses you can wear. At Especia, we love beautiful boho outfits and florals are our go-to print, so, trust us, we know what we’re talking about. Feeling flowy and free in a floral dress is easy if you opt for breezy fabrics and silhouettes. Many of our favorite boho print dresses mix florals with other cool motifs such as arabesques, which adds a unique element. Finally, floral dresses with tiered hems, lace, eyelet details, or layered ruffles are what boho-style dreams are made of, so don’t think twice about wearing these if you’re a boho-style lover. 

  1. For the minimalist. If your life’s mantra is less is more, you might be a little weary of bringing floral dresses into your wardrobe. This doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, there are ways to stay true to your minimalist style while also adding a bit of unexpected fun to your closet with floral dresses. Think, for example, about how stunning a white dress with floral embroidery would look on you. Or consider wearing a beautiful monochrome floral dress paired with your favorite minimalist jewelry and barely-there sandals. The thing with floral dresses is that there are so many different possibilities, where there’s a will to wear them, there is a way. 

  1. For the maximalist. Now, if your life’s mantra is the opposite of minimalism, and you consider yourself a “more is more” girl, you’re in luck. Because rich floral patterns are great to create maximalist looks and we love to see gorgeous floral on floral ensembles. Dresses with jackets are always a good idea. Consider, for instance, wearing a colorful mini floral dress with a cool jacket embellished with embroidered florals or a long sleeve floral maxi dress with a pair of dazzling floral earrings to match. 

We hope this guide helped you realize that floral dresses can truly be styled in endless ways. You can adapt many different versions of this beautiful garment according to your preferences and needs. Dress them up or dress them down, whatever you do, just don’t leave this versatile piece out of your wardrobe. As we’ve said, the options are endless, just let your imagination take the reins!

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