A Guide on How to Find Your Personal Style

Everybody has a unique personal style, and knowing what that is might be easier for some than others, but with a little bit of patience and guidance, our style is something we can all come to understand and embrace. Simply put, personal style is all about finding the right clothes to match your energy and personality. It's a fabulous way to use fashion to feel and look confident. In other words, when we use clothes to communicate our most authentic selves, we are building and embodying our personal style. Now, we know this sounds wonderful, but the big question is, how on earth do we even start? Don't panic and continue reading for a series of tips to help you find your personal style in no time. 

Take a look at your closet

The first and simplest step to finding your personal style is taking a look at what you already own. Set aside some time to go over your closet and get familiar with pieces that you absolutely love. Think about that dress or outfit that always makes you feel your best. The shirt you go to when you need to feel confident at work. Or an ensemble you'd be more than happy to wear to a first date. You don't have to find a bunch of things in your closet that make you feel this way, but pinpointing one or two of these pieces is a great way to begin identifying what your personal style is. 

Now, once you discover the items that you love for sure, try to find a few words to describe them. Consider what you love about them. Then choose at least two or three words that describe the vibe of your favorite outfits and keep them in mind as we move on to the next steps. 

Welcome inspiration

There are so many ways to find fashion inspiration nowadays. TikTok and Instagram are full of fabulous influencers that are experts at styling cool outfits and saving some of your favorite posts by them can provide a lot of great ideas when it comes to shopping for new pieces. Pinterest is another fantastic place to find inspiration and put together a mood board with garments and ensembles that light you up. Get into the habit of using these tools to understand what you love the most about fashion. 

Once you've curated enough images (at least 20 images of outfits that bring you joy is a good number), spend some time looking at them closely and then repeat the descriptive exercise we mentioned above. Maybe you have saved a lot of maxi dresses or you love a versatile set that can be styled in many different ways. Perhaps you are more of a jeans and gorgeous top kind of gal. Think about two or three words you would use to describe the outfits in these images. Here are some ideas: edgy, romantic, boho, or monochrome. Ideally, the words that come up here might be similar to those you used to describe your own favorite outfits or the outfits of your dreams. These words are major indicators of what your personal style is. 

Think out of the box 

Trends are wonderful, but sometimes focusing exclusively on what’s in vogue can actually distract you from finding your distinct personal style. In this sense, thinking outside of the box is important. Prioritize versatile clothes that work for any occasion. Don't rely exclusively on social media for inspiration, consider celebrities you like and have admired for years, and think about people you see on the street or friends you know that always make you smile when you picture their outfits. Think about the sorts of styles you liked as a child and how you would describe these outfits. All of these small elements can provide clues about what you truly like. 

A few final tips 

Before you go, there are a few final things we want you to consider. Finding your style takes time. So be patient and kind to yourself. If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck, focus on finding images that bring you joy. Whatever you do, don't worry about doing this wrong. Whether you’re styling dresses, sets, or laidback outfits, remember, all personal styles are different. This means there is no right way or answer to finding your own. 

Finally, and for these exact reasons, don't try to buy an entirely new wardrobe all at once. Allow yourself time to process and understand what makes you feel good, and prioritize only buying pieces that truly make you smile. You might be wondering how you know that you’ve found what you’re looking for. When the outfits you wear make you feel confident and dressing up every morning is a source of pure joy, you're on the right track to finding your personal style. 

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