5 Fabulous Spring Wedding Outfit Ideas

Weddings are the highlight of everyone’s social life. Whether you’re a guest or a special member of the bridal party, we know you could probably use a wonderful wedding outfit guide. After all, wedding photos are some of our most cherished mementos. If you wish to look back at photos in the years to come, without cringing at your chosen outfit, read on for five fabulous spring wedding outfit ideas that will stand out at small courthouse gatherings and glamorous soirees alike —without taking attention away from the bride, of course. 


Especia’s Top 5 Spring Wedding Outfit Ideas

The floral midi dress

Floral prints are synonymous with femininity which is why they are sure to add a romantic element to your spring wedding outfit. Midi dresses are universally flattering. They’re the perfect alternative to a maxi dress and ideal for wedding guests who would rather not wear a cocktail dress. 

Midi dresses are a royally approved style that adds a sophisticated feel to your look. And since weddings are an occasion where flowers are quite literally everywhere, take it as the perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of floral prints! Our Wallis Print Dress, for instance, is a lovely dress with striking puffed sleeves and an adorable floral print. To create a wedding-appropriate outfit, consider elevating the look by throwing on stilettos or kitten heels. 


The perfect black maxi dress

One of our favorite parts of a wedding is the reception. You want a spring wedding outfit that allows you to dance all night long while also matching the style of the venue. If you’re attending a formal black-tie wedding, it’s a fabulous opportunity to have fun with your look, while also choosing something refined. 

At Especia a black maxi dress is never boring. It can be both flirty and sophisticated, plus it gives you the possibility of getting creative with accessories. Take our Katia dress from our Sisterly Style 2021 Collection, for example, a stunning halter neck dress with stylish waist cutouts and a lovely open back. It’s exactly the sort of dress you can’t help but wear time and time again. 

A lovely maxi skirt and a top

In an unexpected turn of events, weddings are becoming smaller and more intimate post-pandemic. For instance, gardens are becoming the go-to venue of choice for couples who want to celebrate their big day with a close-knit group of friends.

For this style of venue, you want a spring wedding outfit that’s more understated. A lovely maxi skirt and top are perfect for a versatile look that you can re-wear for brunch with the girls or any other special gathering. Here’s the trick. Start with a skirt featuring a statement print like our ‘Rocky Skirt’. You can then balance it with an understated blouse or complete the enchanting look with our chic Fatima Top

We’ve all been guilty of buying an outfit for one occasion and never wearing it again. Incorporate versatility and sustainability into your closet with a spring wedding outfit that you’ll fall in love with and even rewear on numerous occasions. 


A showstopping short dress

Spring is the perfect time to embrace a mini dress as a flawless wedding outfit that will make you feel and look fabulous at the service and the reception. Also, short dresses are great because they’re more functional in their design. They make it easier to get on the dance floor, and they’re super airy, which comes in handy once the venue fills up with guests. 

Our Marsella short dress is a showstopping piece that works well at any wedding ceremony due to its high neckline and long sleeves. The fabulous animal print makes sure you won't go unnoticed, and the tiered ruffle skirt will float around with you, creating the ultimate romantic look. Pair yours with ballet flats for a semi-casual ensemble or elevate the look with stunning nude stilettos. 


A chic dress for the “plus-one” look

Have you ever been invited to a wedding as a plus one? Chances are you probably don’t know a lot of people, other than your date and their friends that is. This occasion is the opportunity to choose a dress that speaks for itself while also being comfortable and timeless. 

A halter dress with a cool print is an easy spring wedding outfit that you can re-wear after the big day. It’s both feminine and instantly elegant. Our Macarron Dress is one of our favorites for any special occasion. The exquisite print is sure to reflect your chic taste and add flair to your look. 

Did you choose an ESPECIA look for a spring wedding outfit? Make sure to tag us  @especiaofficial, and caption your photos with the hashtag #EspeciaMuse to share your wonderful outfits with our community.

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