Top 4 Dressy Brunch Outfits for Summer

This summer season feels like a global "back to school" moment for us all. It seems the time to transition from pandemic life to real-life is nowhere. Scary? Yes. Emerging from a long season of acceptable social distance and endless days of loungewear is not as smooth as we all expect. But, here at Especia, if there is something we are looking forward to is brunch. Maybe emerging from our covid-secret-life might hard, but Saturday (or Sunday) brunch will never be. 


Honestly, what is summer, if not the best season to dream of beautiful, dressy brunch outfits? And for us, the problem is choosing. We are so in love with our latest collections that there is no time to wear all the pieces we adore. So, here's an exclusive list for you, built by our in-house stylist. 


Especia's Top 4 Dressy Brunch Outfits for Summer


No. 01 - The "perfectly" casual dresses

Effortless style. Two words we don't profoundly love but do believe. For the Instagram generation, there is no such thing as being effortlessly perfect. We all know it takes work. 

For us, there is one dress that will glow "effortlessly" for Sunday brunch. That dress is our best-seller, the Almida Midi Dress. A romantic silhouette with a semi-deep neckline, embroidery detailing. Made from natural fibers, to be more specific, cotton, this dress will keep you fresh all day long. 

 From our PF21 collection "Love At Dawn"

No. 02 - The "bohemian" maxi dresses

If there's a timeless statement piece that should live in every women's closet is the bohemian maxi dress. Even though this is not your everyday solid basic, it is as essential as jeans. Why? Well, it is a perfect choice, for the sort of occasion where you need to look put together but relaxed. It's also an answer to the "I don't have anything to wear" statement. Last but not least, it's super comfortable. 

Look no more! Our Zafiro Long Dress in Black meets all the criteria mentioned above. Oh, and don't forget this dress has a "Mommy & Me" matching option. Yes, I know, we are too much, but we love it. 

 From our PF21 collection "Love At Dawn"

No. 03 - The "pool party-ready" classy bodysuit

Sometimes, our brunch turns into a whole-day-long plan, especially during summer. Here at Especia, we live for creating transitional outfits that can take everywhere. We dictate so much detailing when crafting our swimwear line because it is more than just swimwear. It's also a bodysuit, a top, that you can wear everywhere. 

The perfect example. Saturday, you have brunch plans followed by an afternoon at the beach or rooftop pool bar. What to wear? Well, here is your answer. Grab your favorite summer palazzo pants and match them with our Gaspar Bodysuit (doubles as a bathing suit). Then use our Violeta Kimono to dress up this outfit for brunch. Throughout the day, you can also use our Violeta Kimono as a cover-up and as a dress. 

From our SS21 collection "Free Soul" 

No. 04 - The "anywhere fancy" matching set

This one is easy. Who doesn't love a two-piece matching outfit? Well, here at Especia, we adore them. They are great for many, many occasions. One of them being those moments you need to dress up. And sometimes, brunch is only well done if fancy (aka Gossip Girl memories). 

So for once, forget comfort and rescue your heels from your closet. Match them with our summer-ready Damiana Top and Rocky Wrap Skirt. This outfit will be flawless, I assure you. 

From our PF21 collection "Love At Dawn" 


Of course, the perfect look is never complete without the perfect purse. Accessorizing is everything. Here's an article we loved from Who What Wear about "The Best and Worst Going Out Bags." Because honestly, as much as we love fashion and being fabulous, we appreciated the lesson of comfort our pandemic life gave us. This article is all about this. Finding the perfect bag that is fashionable, in style, and comfortable. 

Let's face it, we have reached a new chapter in fashion where "classy, in style and comfortable" fit in the same sentence. Because who even wants to wear high heels every day again? Absolutely nobody. We no longer live in the fantasy "Sex and the City" created for us. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw might cringe every time I wear on-trend sneakers instead of a pair of Manolo's. But that's life. 

So don't be afraid of mix and matching all your dressy brunch outfits with sandals, sneakers, espadrilles. Get creative! They do say, feeling comfortable is the key to looking great. 

Last but not least. Always remember that we want to see you living your best life dressed in ESPECIA. You are why we design. You are our muse, our inspiration. Tag @especiaofficial with #EspeciaMuse and share with us your flawless, beautiful pictures. 

Thank you for being part of our world where spring is eternal, love grows, and flowers bloom all year round. 


With love, 

The Girls Behind Especia 

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