We teamed up with Pavia to bring you the best Christmas ideas!

Christmas Special - Especia

Choose your favorite flowers and fill the spaces of your home with these flower arrangements that will make each corner even more special.

Here are some pictures, so you can replicate these arrangements following your own style and adapt them to fit the spaces of your home.

Large vase:

Ideal for large tables.

Christmas Special - EspeciaChristmas Special - EspeciaChristmas Special - Especia

Accompany each vase with other Christmas items, such as lights, other flowers and baskets. The table you use will become the protagonist of your home.

Christmas wreath:

Ideal for centerpieces, as a decorative element for candles, candleholders or to be hung on a wall or next to a wall.

Christmas Special - Especia Christmas Special - EspeciaChristmas Special - Especia

We decided to accompany this wreath with lights, which come with their own battery, so you can place it wherever you want. If you use dried lemons and oranges, it’ll add a natural touch and scent to the place you choose to decorate.

Oversized vase:

Ideal for high spaces, bathrooms and places that you want to highlight.

 Christmas Special - EspeciaChristmas Special - EspeciaChristmas Special - Especia

If you make any of these Christmas ideas, share your decoration with us, and lastly, this is how the Christmas table turned out, we hope it inspires you to create all these ideas at home.

Christmas special - Especia

Have yourself a very ESPECIAL Christmas!

Special thanks to: @pavia_mercadodeflores

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